Ford Company

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Ford motor company is an American automobile. It was founded by Henry Ford in 1903. This company is the world’s fifth largest automotive company. Ford will look further to make cars better. Along with it, Ford should have to good business strategies and they sell their products at an affordable price. In the following paragraph, I am going to talk about it:
• History
• Services of ford
• Products

Ford has a huge history over hundred years ago. In the early days of this company, 12 investors would be incorporated in 1903 with 1000 shares for the entire company. They made his first car in 1903 and the name of the car is Model A. Moreover the entire company rested on the success of the Model A, Ford and
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Beside it, ford would start the production of military bombs to help the war effort in German and they produce the B-24 bombs and jeep during the outbreak of Second World War. In the year 1954, ford would introduce a new vehicle known as Thunderbird. Moreover, Ford offer would offer the common stock in the year 1956 10.2 million sold the first day. Ford’s worldwide, earning reached at the peak near about the $5.2 billion and breaks the all-time record in the auto industry in the year 1988.
Today we see the Ford producing vehicles that are sold worldwide and they earn the Billions of dollars per year.
Ford provides the quality of services to their customers like they provide cheaper car insurance rather than other companies. Staff is very Amiable to everyone like whenever someone is coming they give a heart-touching welcome to everyone. Along with it, Ford provides an affordable price for cars so everyone can easily afford it. Ford’s communication and marketing skills help to attract the customers. Ford sells an additional range of luxury automobiles under the Lincoln Marque. Ford provides extremely fast service to their customers.
Ford car offers the safety and technology that we need on the road with the economy of fuel and ford discover the lots of new innovative design so that people are very fascinated with the

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