Food Shows And Their Influence On Society Essay example

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While so many tv genres have seen their time come and go, food shows have stayed popular and relevant since Julia Child and her TV program. Even now, as countless new forms of entertainment arise, food shows still have massive followings. This begs the question: why are these shows so popular? These shows are popular because they resonate with the culture in which they were founded. Specifically, each show has attributes that their culture values. For example, cooking shows, like Barefoot Contessa, prepare traditional, or well-known, foods of the show’s founding country in new ways. Other food shows, like Top Chef and The Great British Bake off, use competition – a reality TV of sorts – to connect with the culture that watches the show. Through the depiction of food competitions, The Great British Bake Off and Top Chef mimic the pace of their founding societies, and, from this mimicking, show the implications that the pace of the societies create for the culture.
To start, the characters within each show reveal what each culture, American and British, prefer when choosing where to eat: Americans eat out because of the faster-paced lifestyle, while British people enjoy more home-cooked meals as a result of the slower-paced lifestyle. The Great British Bake Off puts into competition a range of home bakers of which almost all the contestants, besides the retirees, have other jobs outside of baking. So, it is a requirement of the show that the contestants developed their baking…

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