How Does Reality Tv Influence Society

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Reality Television Show While reality television shows seem like simple form of entertainment, reality television holds a large impact on many decisions society makes. Whether it’s a simple catch phrase to a purchase we make, the influence often goes unnoticed. Even though we often tell ourselves that reality television holds no impact on society, reality television often defines the choices that we make. While not everyone prefers reality television, it is something we all become familiar with. Reality television shows may not have the best reputation among other forms of entertainment, yet it is hard to argue it’s popularity, influence and entertainment.

To start off reality television shows are unique compared to other forms of television
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Many young teens look up to the stars on the television today, majority of the stars being on reality television. According to , Why We’re Obsessed With Reality TV ,“The new millennium ushered in a huge wave of reality TV shows.”(Mcdermott). Social media plays a major part in the new millennium, any teenager with access to any form of social media has access to endless tweets, Snapchat stories, or Instagram posts from any star. Why We’re Obsessed With Reality TV also states “We can tweet at pretty much any celeb, Sundar says, but reality TV viewers eat up the idea of interacting with a presumably “real” person not bound by a script.”(Mcdermott). For example one trend in reality televisions shows that had a strong influence in society is lip injections. Many reality television stars have had many plastics surgery procedures such as lips injections, young teens who watch the shows admire to be as “perfect” as the reality stars we see on television today. Why We’re Obsessed With Reality TV states “According to one survey, most first-time plastic surgery patients were regular viewers of cosmetic surgery reality TV programs and said the shows had influenced their decision to undergo surgery.”(Mcdermott). With that statement being said it is easy to see how strong the influence of reality television is in todays

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