Stereotypes In Big Brother

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Reality television is known for multiple stereotypes that surround it and most of the shows go along with them. These stereotypes include but are not limited to; being confined into one specific space or location, a certain of number people from multiple demographics and backgrounds, and having some type of motivator, usually monetary. The reality show, “Big Brother” follows all of these stereotypes but also brings a type of relevance to its viewers. Following the guidelines from the novel, “1984” , the reality television show maintains a constant watch on the house’s contestants, who perform and entertain in order to be the last housemate standing, and sometimes this performance can reach new heights. The reality show demonstrates the lengths …show more content…
These people within 13 days, already have created enemies, alliances and even a few romances, often referred to by contestants as a “showmance.” I noticed how all of these contestants, were ordinary people who lived mostly middle class lives and a normal lifestyle. They were regular people who decided to audition for a reality show in hopes of making money or even a bigger name for themselves by doing things that may regularly be out of character for them. In a way, they were no different then the viewers watching them, the shows glorify this ideal that even though a person could live a regular, simpler life they could always end up on television set and be their own form of a celebrity. It occurred to me that these people could possibly be changing the way they act because they know they are being watched and criticized. They do this because contestants aren’t remembered for floating and avoiding drama. The way they become favorite characters and get people to look them up on google hoping to find their wikipedia page way after their season has showed, is by acting problematic or interesting enough to reach a bigger, extended audience. Reality television stars are using shows like, “Big Brother” to achieve a more rational and simpler way to becoming famous no matter how long it lasts. Their actions and reactions creates relevance. It creates relevance for their five minute careers, the more obscene and rememberable they are, they more they are watched. It’s reality show’s way of creating entertainment. Reality shows put on amusements to hold attention and keep their viewers and if that means bringing on ridiculous personalities and have them perform. Then with these contestants vying to make a small name for themselves will find any form of playful deviance to make it

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