Essay about Food Has Its Own Politics

773 Words May 5th, 2016 4 Pages
Today, people can eat meats, vegetables, fruits, and different types of food in the world. Food can be created in many ways to give people choices to choose what they like to eat. In the present day, if people need to get food, they will think they have to go to the grocery stores to buy their food. People have to many options to choose what they like to eat; however, people do not know anywhere else without choosing the markets or grocery stores to buy their food. Another factor is people do not have any pleasure of eating anymore because people are focusing on their works too much. People do not have time to make choices to eat for themselves. They also do not know there are still many options available for them to choose what they like to eat. Wendell Berry believes that food has its own politics, especially “involves our freedom” (38). Typically, I agree with Wendell Berry because I strongly believe that people are under control because they do not know where the food is coming from, they do not know if they will be safe to eat those foods. People know that they can get foods from the super markets or the grocery stores; however, they do not know how and where the super markets get those foods. The farmers grow their products, but they do not have to package them. The farmers need to send their products to the factories to package and check those products before they can go to the grocery stores. In the present day, people do not have freedom to choose where they can…

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