Essay On Food Class Warfare By Tracie Mcmille

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Nutrition deficiency is a problem worldwide, consisting of people not eating enough healthy foods. This issue is thought of for people who are underweight but one might not know that people with obesity are also lacking nutrition. One obvious reason for nutrient deficiency is food deserts that make is so people can not get the healthy foods they should be eating. Erika Nicole Kendall wrote “No Myths Here: Food Stamps, Food Deserts, and Food Scarcity” explaining the problems of food deserts with people growing up in neighborhoods with no access to nutritious food. The article “Food’s Class Warfare” by Tracie Mcmillan shows similar and contrasting issues relating to problems of food desert. The dilemma of the food deserts are seen in both articles …show more content…
“Despite the divided national debate about food choice vs. food access, the two camps are not diametrically opposed”, (Mcmillan pg 216). She is basing the reason for nutritional deficiency on choice as well. Furthermore, the article has a variety of reasons to why food shortages and people are nutritionally lacking. Tracie Mcmillan expands on the idea that people might have to nutrition in their neighborhoods and are making the conscious choice to not eat healthy. Obesity is talked about as an issue for some and maybe another problem those who are not eating right. Food choice and the lack of knowledge of what foods are healthy and what nutritional value they have in them is another issue. All of these problems Tracie Mcmillan brings up are separate from Erika Kendall but they are both staying on the topic of how nutrition is a clear concern for America.
Erika Nicole Kendall articles “No Myths Here”, and Tracie Mcmillan “Food’s Class Warfare” have similar ideas comparing to that both focus on solutions to getting rid of food deserts. They also give reasons to what causes food shortages in certain areas but on the other hand, they list different kind of solutions to the issues. “No Myths Here” attention is on getting the word out to the world of the seriousness of food deserts while “Food’s Class Warfare” examples to solve the problem. In conclusion, the stories

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