Essay: The Importance Of Living In Food Deserts

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It is hard to believe that in 2016 there are people living in America that still don’t have access to fresh food. These people are said to be living in food deserts. A food desert is a geographic area—usually urban areas—where it is difficult to buy affordable, fresh, and quality food. These people don’t have accessible, affordable grocery stores and therefore must either by perishable and often less healthy options at neighborhood convenience stores. This problem especially affects people living in lower income areas and it is detrimental to their health and well being as well. My hometown of Racine, Wisconsin has serval large food deserts within the city. Although it is not a very urban area, the city has a large enough population …show more content…
It is an obvious thought, but it is often overlooked when it comes to decision made by politicians and government representatives. People inhabit cities that have basic features such as access to healthcare, transportation, schools, and basic establishments that allow them to live their lives such as restaurants, banks, laundromats, and grocery stores. If a city does not possess theses basic features, or if they are not suitable given the amount of people who use them, then people will either leave or not move to that city. One the flipside, some people may not have the funds or resources to move, so they are forced to live in these areas and their lives would be adversely affected by these lack of features that makes living in that city extremely difficult. If Racine wants to retain its population, as well as attract other people to move to the city, they need to improve the access to basic features, particularly grocery stores. The more industry that is being brought to Racine is important for the base economy of the city, but it needs a service industry to support the people that come with the base industry. The more people who live in Racine, the need for more basic features such as grocery stores becomes stronger which leads to the final reason why this would be an excellent opportunity to

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