Essay on Food Groups Activity 7- Jack And The Hungry Giant

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Food Groups Activity 7- Jack and the Hungry Giant (intro to serving size)


K.1 The student will demonstrate growth in the use of oral language. a) listen to a variety of literacy forms, including stories and poems; K.2 The student will expand understanding and use of word meanings. a) increase listening and speaking vocabularies; K.8: The student will expand vocabulary. a) discuss meanings of words; b) develop vocabulary by listening to a variety of texts read aloud.

Taken from the VA Kindergarten Curriculum Framework found at:

Identify Key Objectives:
• The student will be able to state what their new vocabulary words mean.
• The student will be able to summarize the book by using sentence strips in order that the book was in.

Identify Materials Needed:
• Classroom Book Bag (parent instruction, different clippings off of food containers that show serving sizes, white construction paper, crayons, and a pencil)
• Crayons
• Drawing Paper
• Finger Pointer
• Pencil
• Pocket Chart
• Sentence Strips (using different parts of the book)
• The book Jack and the Hungry Giant Eat Right with Myplate by L. Leedy
• Fruit Salad
• Healthy Meal
• Hungry
• Poultry
• Serving Size
Identify Instructional Procedures:

• Initiation
1. Have students sit on the floor for “circle time”.
2. Tell the students that we are going to learn about…

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