Food And Beverage Manager Case Study

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We use the content that is given by (Leuenberger, 2015) in Moodle because we think this content would help us to specify each following topic clearly. As a Human Resource Manager, we are looking for a national candidate to fulfill our Food and Beverage Manager position. As we considered that Vietnamese know more about their food compare to international candidates. In order to create an interesting menu, we also need the one who has experienced in some other parts of Vietnam not only in Nha Trang to mix Vietnamese food and get the unique taste and style. Hence, we decided to recruit a national Food and Beverage Manager.

Job title – Food and Beverage Manager
Department – Food and Beverage (, 2015) See Appendix E
Report to
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Learning from mistake is one of the important roles of learning and growing.

2.2 Scope of work Food and Beverage Manager has to look after food production (Chef), restaurants, bars, banquet and catering and room service (, 2015) See Appendix E

2.2.1 Food production (Chef) Although, food production is one of Food and Beverage Manager scope but mostly in the big organization, Chef reports directly to the General Manager. In this case, Food and Beverage Manager still have to associate with Chef but doesn’t need to take control over him.

2.2.2 Restaurant
(1) As a Food and Beverage Manager, he/she must create the perfect menu for restaurant, plan and order the right amount of ingredients.
(2) Besides, the connection with kitchen is also important. Food and Beverage manager have to make sure about the customers’ orders and double check again with Chef. If anything goes wrong, he/she should tell Chef as soon as possible and try to solve the problems immediately.
(3) During service, Food and Beverage Manager has to check the performance of each team members and give them feedback everyday.

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(2) He/she should ensure that the staffs are well trained, as receiving customer’s orders in noisy places are more difficult compare to the normal restaurants, mistakes can occur easily.

2.2.4 Banquet and Catering According to (Enlighten Me, 2014) Banquet and Catering are public feast or dishes that contains starters, main courses, and desserts. It serves as a ceremonial purpose.
(1) He/she should provide Food and Beverage services such as starters, cocktails, main courses, desserts and drinks. In order to take into account of customers’ needs, for example, food allergic and religions. We need to provide different kind of food e.g. seafood, beef, or pork for different demands.
(2) He/she must make sure that all the dishes are coming on time and help to set up and decorate the banquet and catering.
(3) He/she should have ability to guide the guest to the right seat and ensure that the service of staff members meet all the guests need.
(4) He/she should ensure all the lights and music get along with the theme of banquet
(5) If the banquet and catering hold outside, he/she must create plan b for the bad

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