Restaurant Gender Roles

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Chapter thirty-seven, titled Doing Gender as Resistance; presents itself and its ideas by analyzing two very different restaurants in the United States of America in the early 2000’s; the “Family” and “Concept” Restaurants. Author of the chapter, Chauntelle Anne Tibbals; compares the number of employees, dress codes, modes of self-presentation amongst other gender roles and expectations that arose throughout her study. Alongside the comparison between the two restaurants; Tibbals’ sheds light unto the personalities of those employed at the restaurants; and the ways they conformed to meet work standards. This short critique will examine the chapter in further detail with reflections back to material from the class Sociology 210:
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Mentioned in the chapter is how in a sense the restaurants ran as a team; each person knowing their duties and position. From such I reflected back to Chapter Seventeen: The Self as a Social Structure. The chapter spoke of how when on a team; children or other players reactions depends on the attitudes and behaviours of those around them. There are people who control, and there are people who stay more adrift; each finding their proper role within the context of the time. This notion relates well back to the chapter; and how the servers and waitresses conducted themselves. Amongst the employees at both restaurants their positions were known; they knew when to help a table and what duties were assigned as their …show more content…
They are wearing clothing which is appropriate for their job and which fits the role. Although many women servers do not like their clothing, and it is not as comfortable as one would hope; how can one assume all women feel their gender and self-identity is being hid? It is a personal opinion that one cannot make such a judgement off of self-observation and perception. Ultimately, “work ensemble” in any field is a “work ensemble” and society has accepted this as a fact and everyday occurrence. We see in the chapter that many in the restaurants analyzed; did make light of their attire and it was not in favor with anyone’s fashion choice. This stated, presumptuous statements should not be made without factual evidence.

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