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FLIPKART: The success story…
The Indian youth is embracing the boom in e-retailing and this boom is headed by the Flipkart in almost every market segment. The market share of Flipkart is so predominant that even the offline stores are getting heavily affected. But what has made this new comer such a force in market that even the global giant like Amazon is feeling the heat of competition in India?
The story starts when two guys Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal alumni of IIT Delhi working in Amazon quit their jobs and start their startup in September 2007 with initial funding of Rs 4 lakhs at Bangalore. They adopted the Amazon model in India and started with books category because they are easy to store, low cost of
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Therefore, they have invested heavily on building their own courier service system (70% delivery of logistics by their own system) and as a result now they deliver most of the 21 thousand pin codes of India. They also have a tie up with 12 courier services and Indian postal service to reach the farthest corners of country. They used the Cash on Delivery methodology very effectively to create trust among Indian customers (touch and feel of product) and fulfilled this trust with their fast and reliable service. Flipkart also has given the utmost importance to technology and build a website with simple interface and easy to use methodology with unique features like e-wallet. The continuous increase in the categories from books to electronics, clothing, shoes, music, baby and kids, home and kitchen, etc (up to 20) has given them the edge and provided the extreme diversity to the new customer base of India who haven’t ever seen this kind of variety on any e-store before.
With the increase of competition their focus is shifted on using data crucially to personalize shopping and predictive analytics. One of the main reasons behind the introduction of their own payment gateway”Pay Zippy” is to understand the pattern and payment habits of customer. Flipkart showed very quick responsiveness by launching a personalize mobile app which now shares 40% of their total traffic base and

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