Flashback (Short Story Written for Practice) Essay

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Her knees was draw up to her chest, and her head rested on her knee. Her face was covered with dry tears as she looked out the foggy window. Today was Christmas the day she first met him and the day he left her.

On this day happy memories flooded back into her head yet sad memories also filled her head. He had left her 3 years ago and he had no plans of coming back.

As she looked out the window her lips curved into a small smile as she remembered the first time they met.


She was rushing down the busy streets of seoul late for her interview. Although she should be at home spending Christmas with her family right now, she found no time to spare as she was frantically trying to find a job to support herself. As she
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Both her legs on either side of him, taking the handful of snow in her hand she plastered the cold snow all over his face.

Satisfied with her revenge she gave him a quick peck on the lips before gently wiping away the snow off his face. He smiled seeing her angelic face right infront of him.

Quickly he flipped them over so that he was now on top of her "I love you" he whispered into her ears the 3 words that was only meant for her. Leaning down he capture her lips with his, gently he kissed her putting as much love in it as possible.

Smiling she whispered the same 3 words as she kissed him back with just as much love.

She stood next to him her head resting on his shoulder, his arms wrapped securely around her waist as they both look at the carrot nose snowman infront of them. "oppa he looks like you" she smiled.

"what?!? How can I be compared to a snowman?? I am 100 times better looking than that ball of ice over there" he smacked the snowman's head.

Giggling She stood infront of him and looked up at him with a smile. Her mitten covered hands reached up to his face "oppa smile for me"

He did as he was told wrapping his arms around her "Your smile is just like the snowman, warm and bright."

(End of flashback)

She glanced at the snowman once more and saw that big smile she made for him. 'oppa are you still smiling?' she couldn't help but wonder. She got up from where she was seated and started making her way out her's and his

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