Essay on Five Tips For Summer School

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Once the sizzling days of summer are upon us, teachers who plan to continue teaching during the break have a challenge: Surviving Summer School. Since many, (or most) of the children who attend summer school classes are not there voluntarily, teachers have to be clever in preparing their summer school curriculum so as to keep students motivated. Sprinkling in a bit of ‘fun,’ like creating salt paintings or 3-D picture frames, can go a long way in keeping students engaged and making summer school less of a torture chamber for those who are not there, shall we say, ‘voluntarily.’
7 Survivor Tips for Summer School
1. Keep it Simple

Do not overwhelm yourself with the need to grade an onslaught of complicated projects and assignments. Try to use your students’ participation in class as your main source for grading, just throwing in a few manageable written assignments here and there.
2. Plan Ahead

Do not try to stuff an entire year’s curriculum into only a few weeks; instead, decide what your learning outcomes are and choose your curriculum accordingly. For instance, plan to cover what you consider to be the two or three most important units.
3. Stay Positive

The stereotypical view of students enrolled in summer school calls for troublemakers who find little interest in learning; however, teaching great content and striving to inspire good learning habits that build your student’s self-esteem may be all a troublesome student needs to attain the coined phrase ‘a pleasure…

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