Five Major Characteristics Of The Data Collection Method And Analysis

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Data Collection Method and Analysis
Since school culture is contributed by many aspects it is essential that data are collected to represent each aspect that influences it. The research method will use both qualitative and quantitative data assess the current status of each area. The data collected will look firstly at the school-wide characteristics or traits and secondly at the daily indicators or personality. The five major characteristics will be school norms, school beliefs, school traditions, school rituals and school artifacts. The personality will be analyzed by using student indicators, parent indicators, administrative indicators and non-administrative staff indicators. Surveys will be distributed to staff, students and parents. An
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The includes things like summer barbecues and birthdays shout out.
Administrative interview
Characteristics 4:
School Rituals
Rituals are processes or daily routines that are infused with deeper meaning.
Administrative interview
Characteristics 5:
Artifacts and symbols
Artifacts and symbols impact the message of unity and togetherness. They communicate our belief and is evident in the school space. Things such as mascots and bulletin boards are evidence of symbols and artifacts.

School Personality Measures
Data collection Method
Indicator 1:
Staff satisfaction
Staff satisfaction is important is it is a predictability of the turn-over rate and gives a general view of the school’s moral. Staff turnover rate is important and greatly affect the school culture. The turnover rate is an indicator of the values and beliefs to support and retain highly qualified staff.
Staff survey.
Indicator 2:
Students current Academic achievement
This is one of the major indicators of the school culture. Students success can be tied to the mission of the school to promote
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Artifacts that are present on each of the hall ways includes 4 large 6x10 ft. posters of the core values printed. A smaller version of these posters is also found in the classroom. The green colored walls are messy with printed signs of event and activities. There are 2 bulletin boards that are located on the second floor; one with a students and teacher 's achievement and another with bulling awareness logos. Only about 50% of the classrooms are decorated with posters and students work, the other 50% contains walls that are minimally

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