Essay First 10 Presidents

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George Washington
Neutrality Proclamation of 1763 stated that the U.S. would stay neutral 
and would not aid neither France or Great Britain Stayed neutral during French Revolution- Washington refused to take neither France nor Britain’s side during the war
The First Cabinet:
1. John Adams- Vice President
2. Thomas Jefferson- Secretary of State 3. Edmund Randolph- Attorney General 4. Alexander Hamilton- Secretary of Treasury
5.Henry Knox- Secretary of War Famous Farewell Address- warned America to steer clear of permanent 
alliances with any portion of the foreign world
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James Madison
Cumberland Road- one of the first major improved highways in the U.S built by the federal government Battle of Lake Erie- The U.S wanted to gain control of Lake Erie. In order to do that, they had to defeat a British fleet in battle, they did so. Tariff of 1816- had rates of 20% and was designed to help domestic industries compete with foreign competition Tecumseh and the Prophet get organized- they wanted to organize the many tribes into one vast Indian confederation with the Prophet as the religious leader and Tecumseh as the political leader Hartford Convention- New England were unhappy with the war and President Madison. Federalist party delegates from five New England states met and came up with a list of demands and threatened to leave the U.S if their demands were not met by the federal government Battle of New Orleans- due to poor communication, it was unknown to the 
armies fighting in the U.S that a peace treaty had been signed. The day after the treaty was signed, a British army landed in Louisiana to capture the city of New Orleans Privateers- an armed ship owned and offered by private individuals holding a government commission and

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