Finding Yourself Essay

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How can one truly know who they are? It takes years of experience to understand yourself; your likes, your dislikes, your abilities, and your passions. Sometimes society will agree with these things, and sometimes it won’t. Self-identity is the result of trial and error in terms of resistance to the cultural norms of one’s society, and the lessons learned through such resistance, as demonstrated in Munro’s An Ounce of Cure and Boyle’s Greasy Lake.
An Ounce of Cure tells the story of a teenage girl, whom remains unnamed throughout the entire story, who was brought up in a small town where drinking was frowned upon, thinking that she was never good enough for her family. She had her heart broken by a boy at school and became depressed over
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They honk their horn obnoxiously, to annoy their ‘friend’ only to find that it is actually a very big, very angry man with his girlfriend inhabiting the car. The man attacks the 3 boys (after the protagonist drops and loses the keys to his vehicle), and a fight ensues. Individually, the boys do not stand a chance against the man, and each get beaten fairly bad, but they team up on him and (with the help of a tire iron as a weapon) take down the real dangerous character, knocking him out cold, thinking they murdered him. They then proceed to molest his girlfriend, who saw what happened and is very distraught. Unfortunately, another car with two other men witnesses the event and come after the three boys to save the girl. The boys escape, scattering themselves amongst the shadows until dawn. The protagonist hides in the waters of the Greasy Lake, on the planning to swim to the opposite shore of the parking lot. As he is about to take off in the water, he encounters a body floating in the water, but cannot turn away because the two witnesses and the man from the car, whom has regained consciousness, are looking and listening for him. The men become frustrated and use the tire iron to wreck the boy’s parents’ car. Afterwards, the man and his girlfriend and the two other men leave Greasy Lake. The main character spends a while waiting next to the body in the water, too afraid to

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