Finding My Cheese By Johnson Essay

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Finding my Cheese
Johnson (1998) noted cheese represents a person’s possession and what a person would like to have in the future. Who Moved My Cheese is a figurative story of two active, industrious, and productive mice named Sniff and Scurry and two humans small in stature excessively, exaggeratedly, cautious, and circumspect named Hem and Haw who live respectively in a labyrinth. The four companions at one point had lost their cheese supply which they relied upon for nourishment and sanctuary. Things can change in an instant or even over a period (Johnson, 1998). The mice quickly adapted to change and proceed onward in a quest for new fortune while little people stayed stuck in their old habits.
Johnson (1998) suggested change is inevitable and constant. If a person does not carefully change can happen without even recognizing that it happened because people get comfortable in their daily routine period (Johnson, 1998). In life, to be successful, we must be willing to accept change and move or change directions when things are shifting, or they have moved. The maze symbolized life with obstacles but if we change direction, or as the book suggested use a different corridor we will find better choices in the end.
Johnson (1998) reminds his readers to reflect or perform a self-examination to identify their personal trait to one of the characters, Sniff, Scurry, Hem, and Haw. Sniff character was quick to recognize change and Scurry character like his name suggests even…

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