Financial Technical And Socio Political Challenges Essay

1194 Words May 17th, 2016 5 Pages
Noting the promise and potential big data analytics offers in the healthcare industry, it is equivalently important to consider the potential technical and socio-political challenges it will face during its development and in the wake of its implementation. Firstly some of the biggest technical challenges big data analytics must face include driving the collection of health data in real-time and minimizing lag between data collection and processing (W. Raghupathi and V. Raghupathi). Additionally, at a very minimum, the chosen big data analytics platform must support the crucial functions necessary for processing and handling the data. Thirdly, it is of paramount importance that the software platform is packaged with a user-friendly, menu-driven user interface, so that the necessary analytics functions may be accessed by the user in a seamless, intuitive manner (W. Raghupathi and V. Raghupathi). The solution to the problem of driving the collection of health data in real-time while minimizing lag lies in the idea of parallel processing, which is the distribution of computation and processing to a network of clustered computers (Belle et al.). Apache Hadoop is an example of an easily programmable, open source framework which operates on this principle, as it distributes the number crunching of large datasets over a cluster of computers, rendering the computation orders of magnitude more efficient (Belle et al.). Furthermore, there are many implementations of Hadoop that…

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