Financial Stability Is the Most Important Factor in Ensuring a Happy Marriage

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Financial stability has always been regarded as the most important factor in ensuring a happy marriage. It is the pillar that holds a family together just like how pillars (the foundation) are imperative in preventing buildings from collapsing (good analogy). Without financial stability, marriages often end in divorce. A recent poll by the Jiayuan match-making website has shown that sixty percent of 1000 women are not in for ‘naked marriages’ this means that more women will only decide to tie the knot if their spouse owns a house. This just further proves (word choice - emphasizes) the importance of financial stability in marriages and that it plays a big role in ensuring happy marriages. So, what exactly is financial stability? In …show more content…
(Statistic/ Logic) Being financially troubled may bring about endless heated arguments between the couple and will strain their relationship. (Logic) Having to worry about not being able to make ends meet can also affect a married couple’s emotional and physical health. (further elaboration) Some might end up being forced into taking up two jobs or even face depression. All this builds up and contributes to the discontentment that married couples have with their marriage which could lead to an eventual separation. (Logic) On the other hand (In contrast : Usage - On one hand "X', one the other hand 'Y'), financially stable couples will not be as affected as compared to the others. They have enough money to be able to meet the needs of their family. It is thus apparent that only financially stable married couples with good budgeting habits can avoid strained relationships and financial stress to have a happy marriage. (conclusion and reiteration of topic sentence) A family's emotional survival depends on financial stability and tranquillity. Financial stability comes from being able to have good money management. Money management is critical for a successful and happymarriage. As such, married couples should always practise (sound) money managing (management). However, due to the vastly different views and opinions of the couple, as well as ineffective communication about family finances, conflicts will

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