Final Research Paper: Southwest Airlines

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Final Research Paper: Southwest Airlines
Melinda Haas
Axia College of University of Phoenix
MGT 245 Organizational Behavior
Jack McCann
February 11, 2007 Southwest Airlines embodies the best that a large company can be. The structure is designed to allow quick action and support of its large body of employees rather than complete control and bureaucratic red tape. It is widely recognized as one of the most desirable places to work and is constantly emulated by its competitors, not to mention other business not in competition. It is an entity that holds its employees in the highest regard, even above its external customers. Its culture is unique and strong and based on love and respect. Even after its current leaders are gone, the
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Employees do not have to put on a façade when they get to work. They are happy and motivated to enjoy themselves and work hard. Any time they feel the need to do something out of the ordinary and humorous, they are encouraged and supported by the examples of the leadership. When United Airlines announced starting direct competition by offering a low fare shuttle, employees at those locations decorated the gate and lobby areas with camouflage and battle gear. Flight attendants enjoy themselves by getting creative with the preflight announcements and by instituting games with the passengers. All of these things are done spontaneously by employees and are not choreographed by management. (Freeberg, 1998)
Southwest is a huge supporter of the Ronald McDonald house for children with serious illnesses. Their golf tournaments and other donations are over nine million dollars a year. Not only do they donate money, but they donate their time as well. Between cooking meals for families at the Ronald McDonald House and giving free flights to needy families, Southwest makes a huge impact on families dealing with very difficult circumstances. (Freeberg, 1998, p. 238)
Southwest provides free flights to the elderly during the holidays so that those that can not afford to fly are able to make it to see family they would not otherwise be able to visit. The organization affects a large number of people

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