Spy Film Analysis

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Nadirah Jama

Critical Paper


The movie, Spy, is an american action comedy film written and directed by Paul Feig and produced by Feigco Entertainment. This action packed comedy stars Melissa McCarthy who plays the character Susan Cooper a deskbound CIA analyst whose partner is Bradley Fine, a CIA agent in the field. Susan 's job is to talk through an earpiece with Bradley to lead him safely back into the United States from his mission is to target a highly operative terrorist who he accidently shoots. The target is the only one who knows where the bomb is and the CIA eventually learn that his daughter Rayna Boyanov might be the only other person left on earth who knows where her father had placed the bomb. Susan leads Bradley to Rayna
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She started off in the movie just being a CIA analyst to one of the best spies in her agency. Such a drastic change from sitting in the corner desk to running from bullets and jumping on helicopters. From her coworkers making fun of her and even the love of her life giving her a mad cupcake necklace that looked like it belonged to an 8th grader as an appreciation for her loyalty, she overcame those little remarks that made her believe that life has nothing more to offer and that she should continue what she is doing now. It took her to realize her full potential only after her partner Bradley Fine dies to go after being a real spy for once and bring justice for her partner and friend. I personally fell in love with this exact character because she portrayed every side of a woman from feeling insecure, to weak, to being able to find the power in her to not take crap from anyone but most importantly rising to her fullest …show more content…
Especially the times where Susan Cooper would talk to her crush Bradley Fine and tell him how she feels about him subliminally and he would not understand it made me sad a little, and other times how Rayna the targets daughter would humiliate Susan especially in the scene where she says to Susan “you can never get with a man like him” referring to Bradley Fine, made me angry. There were certain scenes that made my heart skip a beat like in the end when Bradley Fine finally got that Susan liked him more than just a friend so he offered to take her to dinner and this time actually get her diamonds. This emotional rollercoaster of a film had the whole audience engaged until the very

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