Parrched Film Analysis

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Parched means being “extremely thirsty” or one can say that something is bereft of moisture or water that it needs, and that is exactly what the film, Parched, is about. Parched is directed by Leena Yadav and Russell Carpenter is the cinematographer (Sharma). The film is about having a desperate desire for love, freedom, and sex, but being not permitted to have such thoughts because it is against the “custom” or the “norm”. Parched is a bittersweet tale about four women living undesired lives, set in the parched rural landscape of Gujarat, India, but in a somewhat nonfictional world where many women do experience such circumstances.
A brief summary of the film: the protagonists of the film are Rani played by Tannishtha Chatterjee, Lajjo played by Radhika Apte, Bijli played by Surveen Chawla and Janaki played by Lehar Khan, and the name of the film is an apt description of these four women’s lives. Rani is a widow who is set out to marry off her seventeen years old so, Gulab, to a girl from
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A woman is always considered inferior to her man and it’s her job to stay at home and take care of the family and that should be the only job that she has. Well, all that has modernised in most parts of India, however, in rural areas where child marriage still exists and women are told that “girls who read make bad wives”, women are still oppressed due to old traditions and customs (Iyer). Parched made a bold move to bring such a neglected issue to light out in the open. Leena Yadav definitely took her audience to an appalling and thought-provoking territory with this film. Times of India explained how cleverly the stories of the protagonists are intertwined since all of the four characters have had a raw deal in life. At the same time, the spotlight is on the issue how there are places in India where women are still being treated as sex objects or where their lives are only to serve their

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