Pros And Cons Of Female Sex Offender

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A sex offender is a person who is convicted of a sexual offense. When people hear the word sex offender they often think of terms like, monster, scumbag, pervert, death penalty and man. However, you will not once hear the word women. Female sex offenders are a taboo topic in American society. That doesn’t mean it isn’t a real and common offense. Female Pedophile and Antwone Fisher bring to light the dark truth hidden behind the red tape and subject avoidance. Sex offending is not just a man’s crime. The word sex offender never had a gender.
Women are perceived as the loving and caring gender. Women are the nurturer’s, the ones who kiss the boo-boos on children’s hands, reading bedtime stories, comforting a child, cooking meals. They are the ones that will make a child feel loved and safe. Most people would leave their child in the care of a woman rather than a man. In American society a man is portrayed as an over sexualized being that always
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The human bodies consist of 656 muscles; men are stronger than women so it is easier for them to overpower somebody. Women sex offenders are similar but different from the male sex Offenders. Women can be more discrete when they are grooming their victims and when they build up enough trust they strike. It’s easier for women to rape or assault somebody because most people in general will trust a woman before a man.
For example a teacher name Shelley Dufrense, she was a 32 year old high school teacher accused of having a three-some with three of her male students. The accusation states that she was sleeping with her male students for three years. She admitted to sleeping with a 16 year student and pleads guilty but only gets a deferred three year sentence as long as she completes 90 days of mental health treatment. She will not have to register as a sex offender. She then post a selfie on Instagram, saying she is

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