Filling The Gap : Theory Essay

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Filling the Gap: Theory to Practice
Theory is a critical component of advancement of nursing’s future. As nurses we interpret and analyze information in specific and detailed ways. We need the perfect balance of clinical knowledge and theoretical knowledge to bridge the gap and push us fast forward into the future of nursing success (Meleis, 2012). Nursing knowledge is a journey of self-discovery. It is a journey of analyzing and interpreting data in the most effective way to improve patient care.
On a daily basis nurses are having to maneuver through certain phenomena that needs describing and explaining. Nurses are responsible for direct patient care. Daily goals consist of helping patients, assessing and evaluating patients (Meleis, 2012). In this process of assimilating information, the perfect balance of clinical experience and theory analysis and development are required to fill the gap that exists from theory to practice. Knowledge is a crucial component of nursing success. Knowledge should be used as a force and as a resource to fill the gap between theory and clinical practice (Meleis, 2012).
It can be a difficult task to navigate students from classroom work to actual clinical practice. Linking theory to the clinical environment is key to avoid the “stress” that might occur. Both theory and philosophy have a distinct place and contribution in nursing. One is not complete without the other (Sellman, 2010). There needs to be a communication process that is set up…

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