Patricia Benner's Novice To Expert Theory

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Nursing theory is an organized framework of concepts and purposes envisioned to guide the nursing practice. Nursing theories are imperative in nursing as they guide the practice, explain and describe nursing care and provide foundation for the clinical decision making. Nursing theory first developed in 1800s when there was a strong emphasis on nursing education took place. Florence nightingale is considered as the first nursing theorist. Her environment theory changed the concept of nursing practice. Nursing theories developed through different stages and nursing is currently in the integrated knowledge stage, where research based evidences are applied in practice. Nursing theories are numerous and can be classified into various types based …show more content…
Her theory published in 1984 based on Dreyfus model of skill acquisition to nursing. In 1989 she expanded her model to combine the concept of caring. According to her, nurses will become more efficient over a time through education and personal experience. The theory defines five levels of nursing experiences novice, advance beginner, competent, proficient and expert. Novice is a beginner with no experience and can only follow the instruction. These nurse are mainly the nursing students. The advanced beginners have acceptable performance as they gained some knowledge from their previous experience and is able to recognize the component of a situation, but lack depth experience. A competent nurse is more experienced and are aware of the long term goals and possess greater efficiency and organization skills. But they do not have speed and flexibility of proficient nurses. A proficient nurse has great decision making skills and they see situations as whole rather than parts. Their experience gave them an understanding of what to expect in certain situation and have the ability to modify the plan accordingly. Expert nurses are proficient in their field and no longer rely on principles and rules. They are well experienced with a higher level of …show more content…
A nurse practitioner is expected to have expert knowledge, clinical competencies and multifaceted clinical decision making skills. The NPs are predictable to utilize their advanced knowledge and skills in improving patient care. According to Benner, an expert nurse is no more rely on the rules and principles. This will allow an expert practitioners to correctly diagnose the problem and find solutions for that problem. Application of Benner’s theory into the practice will give a foundation for higher level of practice. A professional growth gained through Benner’s theory provide nurses an advance practice status

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