Imogene King Nursing Theory

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Nursing theorist has led the way for nurses today and future nurses. Nurse theorist has proven to the world that nursing is a science and profession. Nursing theory provides a framework for nursing practice, research, education and administration and provides professional boundaries, grounding nursing as an independent profession. One of the pioneers of nursing theorist that introduce the concept of nurse and patient must work together in order to achieve the best outcome was Imogene King. Imogene King was born in in 1923 in West Point Iowa. She obtained her nursing diploma from St. Johns Hospital School of Nursing is St. Louis Missouri. She received her Bachelors of Science degree from St. Louis University in 1948. Next she received her …show more content…
The interpersonal system focus on five concepts: interaction, communication, transaction, role and stress. Defining all the concepts involves understanding the relationship formed between two human beings or more. The interaction between two or more individual is observed based on the environment. King explains that communication is when information is shared between the two individuals either directly or indirectly. The third concept in the interpersonal system involves transaction. A transaction take place when the two individuals communicate to set a goal within the environment the individual value the most. The fourth concept is role King’s define roles in a relationship as one as a caregiver and as one as a taker. Stress is the last concept in the interpersonal system. Stress in an important concept in where the human being finds balance in the stressing environment they are in. A balance in needed in order for growth and performance to occur so the energy transformation between the individual and environment can take place (Theoretical Foundations of Nursing …show more content…
Kings’ nursing theory led the way for research knowledge within nursing. King’s nursing career supported nurse research, nurse educators and practitioners. Imogene King’s theory was a pioneer in involving the patient in their care. King was a head of her time knowing that the goals needed measurable outcomes with standardized terms to relate to her nursing theory( ). King’s Goal Attainment theory is used worldwide in the healthcare arena today with setting goals with the patient to achieve the best patient outcome. King’s conceptual model, which focuses on goal setting, has proven that goal setting for the patient’s future well- being and overall health is a working partnership. King encouraged the use of technology, evidence based practice and nursing informatics with her concepts of her framework. King’s Goal Attainment Theory with the nursing process has impacted nursing care for many generations in the past and future. By utilizing the nursing process with the Goal Attainment Theory a nurse is more effective in collaborating with a patient to achieve goals to improve the health of the

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