Fight Isis Essay

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Should we send our troops to fight Isis? America is undecided betwixt whether or not to permit the allocation of American boots in Iraq or Syria to fight Isis. This is a war America cannot accomplish on the ground, so why kill our American soldiers when knowing this? Do civilians desire to send troops to simply exterminate fears, which in turn would not be solved by this? It is difficult for Americans to admit the limits of the American military power, yet when discussing war the nation needs to think logically. When comprehending our military, most consider it as an object, yet the truth in that statement is not prevalent. The military consists of our brothers and sisters-our family; they are not objects.
The opinion of Americans on whether sending ground troops to fight Isis should happen is split nearly in the middle, provided 47% of Americans believe the United States should not send troops to fight Isis (Agiesta, 2015). President Obama is one of those people who does not obtain the desire to send troops to fight Isis, for he expresses this opinion in his statement, “This is not a traditional military opponent, we can retake territory and as long as we keep our troops there we can hold
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This war is not uniform against uniform, and instead of fighting a force, this war is fighting a whole ideology. The only way to win this war is to kill anyone who believes in this ideology, destroy any literature which contains this ideology and erase the whole history of this philosophy. Isis does not follow fundamental necessities a traditional fighting unit would, for it 's not necessary for them to hold territory or conduct missions; their only objective they deem necessary is to keep one person of their association or a piece of literature containing their ideology alive. Given these points, this war is impossible to win on ground, and sending troops to fight Isis would be a waste of

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