Essay On Iraq War Justified

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Was the American involvement in Iraq Justified?
War has been apart of mankind 's history since the beginning of time, but what justifies war? Is war just if one nation attacks another? Is war just if one nation hold a citizen from another nation hostage? War is a brutal way of handling a problem the can solved through conversation and negotiation. The United States (US) involvement in Iraq was not a justified war and we had no reason the set foot in the Iraqi territory.
A just war is a war that can be justified in some way, shape, or form. Things like an assassination of a high official or a nation invading another (“Haass”). The most famous occurrence of this is the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand. His death was the main cause of World War II (“Greenspan”). Things the do not justify war are things like money, politics, being bloodthirsty, and resources. Even though they do not justify war we still go to battle in other countries for these reasons (“Haass”).
Why do people go to war? In ancient times people went to war because of
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That was the Americans initial fight, but the battle soon shifted to Iraq. In an interview President Bush said that he was lead to believe that Saddam Hussein possessed WMDs, or had access to them. President Bush was also told that he has seemed to have lost many Americans support in this war. He replied “I would hope they 'd want us to succeed before we get out of there. That 's a decision I had to make” and “I’ve sat down with lots of members from Congress, both parties, good decent people, who 've said, “start withdrawing now”. I 've thought about it and my attitude is if we start withdrawing now, we 'd have a crisis on our hands in Iraq”. People from both parties, high officials from both parties, have told him that we should not be there. He claimed that their job was not finished, there was not a job in the first place

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