Fifty Shades Of Grey Character Analysis

Novels create a second life. When we read novels, we often feel transported to another world. This “world” is basically a figment of our imagination that we believe to a re-enactment of the novel. Like the erotic novel, Fifty Shades of Grey, most of us can agree that it has, in some way, put a scenario in our minds of what we believe the book to be about. I had a strong connection to the fictional character, Anastasia Steele. Despite our difference in gender, we shared personal traits. The novel portrayed Anastasia to be witty, shy, independent, and highly insecure.
Every time I read Fifty Shades of Grey, I could feel myself being transported to some imaginary sideline that only my mind could conjure. Like the sidelines in a stadium, I was
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I like believe that I also have a witty nature. Anastasia’s witty and coy demeanor was a major contrast to Christian’s bluntness. A contrast I found most amusing. Christian was so frank and straightforward in his ways, while Anastasia just did as she pleased, not necessarily paying attention to details. I also found such contrast in my life. Maybe not as similar, but it was relatable. Anastasia was in a relationship with Christian Grey. Not the typical kind of relationships you would see today. Anastasia and Christian’s relationship is a great example of the statement, “Opposites attract”. I used to date someone too, who was a bit overbearing. Her name is Amanda. Amanda is a bossy and demanding person. The typical perfectionist. Like Christian Grey, Amanda was the dominant figure in the relationship. She was my Christian Grey and I was her Anastasia Steele. She would lay down a set of rules for me to follow. Being witty, I had a fairly good sense of humor. Amanda, on the other hand, was raised completely different. Her humor basically depended on her mood. To most people, she had a dry sense of humor or no humor at all. When I first met her, I thought she had no funny bone. Like the scene where Ana was chased around the mansion by Christian, I was chased in a swimming pool by Amanda solely because I refused to dive into the pool with her. Amanda despised my witty nature. She scolded me very often, since she was not …show more content…
Most of us are usually shy when we first meet someone. It is perfectly normal. Like Anastasia, I am always shy on my first encounter with a stranger. Anastasia’s shy nature made her clumsy. Like the time she fell in Christian’s office, one would actually wonder why he even found her attractive. But with time and the right amount of intimacy, she began to get comfortable and more confident around Christian. A trait I believe I have. But even with the intense connection I felt with Anastasia every time I escaped into my “world”, it never felt the same when I got back to reality. Something was missing in my life, but what was it? It was plain to see that I was not in a relationship in real life, but when I read the novel, I confidently believed that I was in a relationship with Christian Grey. Anastasia’s shy nature was adorable to read about. The way she would stutter or blush uncontrollably while talk to Christian. Scenes like that made me realize how bland my love life was. I was a single boy in reality, but in my imagination, I was in a relationship with a multi-millionaire. My life needed a real adventure. The closest thing to an adventure that I could get was when I escaped into my “world”. Asides from that, I was just the regular teenage

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