The Similarities Of Hitler And Hitler's Macbeth And Adolf Hitler

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These fictional characters Macbeth, Emily Grierson, and Norman Bates, and one actual person Adolf Hitler, had many things in common with each other. They wanted power either over a country, or over the people they loved. The four of these people were all mentally ill and had very controlling tendencies. You actually are sickened by the crimes they committed, because in the beginning they showed great promise of what they could have been capable of. That is why I feel that even those these fictional characters came from different books and Adolf Hitler an actual person have similarities. There are people obsessed with power and greed all over the world. Macbeth the character and Adolf Hitler the German leader both have things in common. …show more content…
Macbeth and Hitler were very good at impressing people at first, and then used their political power to do horrible things to people. This shows you should really evaluate who you put into power. Macbeth came into power; just like Hitler; both men found nothing wrong with killing innocent people, both men came across like great noble leaders in the beginning. Do you want a leader in your country that is power hungry, and does whatever it takes to achieve supreme dominance? The fictional people in Scotland in Macbeth; and the people in Germany during Hitler’s rein; never could have anticipated what was going to happen. They say history always repeats itself. Do you want something this evil to transpire …show more content…
They both have a lot of things in common. They both became twisted mentally because of their upbringing. The both of these characters are Southern Gothic, because even though you are disgusted by the crimes they committed; you actually feel sorry for them because of the emotional abuse their parents put them through. Emily and Norman both had a very dysfunctional childhood; they both grew up in a big desolate Gothic style home, and then finally mentally snapped because of death.
Emily and Norman childhoods were both very similar, they both grew up with only one parent. Emily grew up with a very controlling father that ran away every man away that came to call on her. Emily was completely dependent on her father, for love, and companionship. Norman grew up with a very demanding mother who nagged him all the time. Norman never did anything right. Norman’s mother made him feel that he was not a good person, and that only she could love him. Emily and Norman both grew up very isolated and alone, and it started them off on a very destructive mental

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