Fice Administrator For Dr. Green And Dr Essay example

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As the office administrator for Dr. Green and Dr. Jones physician 's office you gave me the job assignment of preparing a recommendation for a concierge service or expanding the physician’s office. First let me explain what a concierge service is and how the new service can expand the financial capabilities of our office or not. Second we will talk about expanding the existing practice with some mid-level medical personal such as nurse practitioners or physician assistants. When looking at both new concepts that will expand our services in two different manners I will look over the competition in the area, the customers that make up our practice, the continuity of care provided, the value, the sources of revenue associated with the changes, the costs included with the new services, the needs for staff to ensure patients receive adequate care and ethical concerns of the changes. After looking at the multitude of issues that need to considered when considering a change in any business then I will give my recommendation. My recommendation will consider advantages or disadvantages of a concierge service or an expansion. This could also mean a hybrid model to ensure all bases are covered when we pursue the change in the business plan.
First I will go over what concierge services will do for a patient and what extras could come from a concierge service. With a concierge service the physician will see you in a timely manner and you as a patient will not have long waits in…

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