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As a future advanced practice registered nurse (APRN), it is essential I understand my role and the impact I will have not only within my community, but at the state and national level as well. I will use my education and clinical training to develop the necessary skills to assess, diagnose and treat patients. It is essential as an APRN, I develop a plan of care that incorporates health promotion and disease prevention strategies. Lastly, my goal is to integrate a Christ-centered worldview approach into my daily practice. My purpose as an APRN is to be influential in all aspects of my patient’s life.
Need for APN
It is by no surprise that patient’s healthcare needs are becoming more demanding. Primary care providers are being utilized more
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It is imperative, I get involved at the community as well as at the state level. Advocating and taking an active role in the development of new policies is essential in making a difference in healthcare. I plan to also advocate for APRN’s seeking role development and leadership opportunities. The level of autonomy the APRN’s has is dependent on state level regulations. There are some states that are not allowing APRN’s to work to their full extent of education and training. Recommendations by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) Model Nursing Practice Act have been set to regulate state laws from limiting APRN’s from their full practicing authority (Lugo, 2016, para. 2). By allowing APRN’s to have complete autonomy throughout the United States, I believe the healthcare shortage and costs will grossly improve. In addition, patients can be seen by a primary care provider sooner. This will improve patient satisfaction and most importantly their overall health …show more content…
It is imperative Christ is the center of my treatment plan. Having a Christ-centered worldview approach means treating the mind, body and spirit. A person with a chronic physical ailment, will have emotional and psychological needs as well. A Christ-centered attitude will allow me to open up and be emotionally available to my patients. As a future APRN, it is important for me to remember that God has created every human being as a unique individual. I not only want to treat my patients, but I want to love, nurture, and care for them. As a future APRN, I know that I will impact and change the lives around

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