Feminist Narrative Analysis

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Honestly, I refer feminist as being opposed to men and strong individuals. Every day, I witness a variety of women that have strong viewpoints on equality and adoration for females. Personally, I feel that the viewpoints of most people regarding feminist are antiquated. Feminist seem to treat women as a target to every situation or issue that deals with men. In addition, I suppose feminist believe women deserve better and should have power similar to men. Also, I comprehend feminists with having high standards for themselves and other women. I do not know a lot about feminism, but it seems that the origin of the word was transformed from a wake-up call for women’s rights into a negatively stereotyped belief. From my perspective, it seems that …show more content…
Most of the viewpoints about feminism only portray the negatives on that belief, and only show one side. Also, social media sites only convey one side in the reason that people might only think that a woman can be feminist. In addition, social media sites reveal that feminist are annoying or are always going against men. On the other hand, I do not think that feminist would convey a positive message to American because, a feminist fight for women’s rights and stands up for themselves. Many people believe that women should not have a say in the world and should stay quiet or let men walk all over them. On twitter, I see many accounts shamming and making fun of feminism in the reason that they are against all men or for their personal unique beliefs. Also, many people seem to go against feminist in the reason for all the false reputations of being one. Social media sites advertise a feminist as a pest or a damper on modern …show more content…
On the television, they convey feminist as lesbians or friendly with women. Also, the television shames on feminism because, they reveal them as disrespectful and rebels. Many messages from television represent that they have strong views of women in power. In addition, most of the messages the television reveal about feminism are not positive and show no respect for the word. The feminist on television seems to take the belief of a real feminist and turn it into a joke. They seem to embarrass feminism instead of embracing the belief. Furthermore, the television seem to stereotype the belief of a feminist and negatively standardize

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