Women: A Sense Of Sisterhood And Feminism?

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Since my junior year of high school I have gladly proclaimed myself as a feminist in the simplest of terms. When pressed on the issue I would stand my ground and proclaim that society was inherently misogynistic and women have to work twice as hard to get only a fraction of what a male earns. When the guys asked “why do feminists burn their bras?” I would scoff at them and explain how not all feminists believe in those ideals. Feminism, to me, was just the basic equality of gender. I simply wanted to be treated exactly like my male counter parts. Why should women have to work more just to earn less and to be questioned along the way? Four years later here I am writing a reflective essay on a topic I thought to be an expert on, since all women …show more content…
Women supporting other women to be there best?” I asked in response. Both looked confused so I restated the question, “Do you think other members in our chapter would feel the same way as you do? Plus, do you think that being in a sorority helps the feminist agenda?” Olivia was the first to speak “Well, I think that most members in our chapter would disagree with my opinion. I think that being in a sorority leads women feeling a sense of sisterhood and empowerment similar to what one would feel as of the feminist movement.” Kaitlyn followed “I think being apart of a sisterhood is pretty feminist. Like you said Olivia sorority leads women feeling a sense of empowerment. Isn’t that a part of the feminist agenda? To feel empowered and to be supported by other women?” I was about to ask another question but Olivia responded with “While I do agree with sisterhood leading to empowerment and a support system I am not a fan of the modern day feminist movement. The issue with it today is that it claims to be empowering for all women, yet when women don’t agree with the agenda or say that they disagree all together they’re attacked and mocked for their beliefs. We’ve all seen this at chapter.” Chapter is a weekly meeting for the house and we discuss a variety of different topics and how we can grow as a sisterhood, in the simplest of terms. “Yeah… some members aren’t the most open to others opinions. But, in my opinion they aren’t really feminist. I think we can all agree feminism is about empowerment and support. When people shut down or mock others beliefs it only sets us back. Also I think a lot of modern day feminism runs into the problem that it’s only for rich white girls. Well not all of us are white.” Kaitlyn stated. She went on to say that “I have a lot of problems with feminism, but I still consider myself a feminist with those flaws. I think one day all women will considered equal. Not just a select

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