Feminism In The 21st Century

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A feminist is someone who believes in the complete and total equality of the sexes. So why are people ostracized if they label themselves as one in the twenty first century? The thought that people, regardless of gender, should be treated as equals should not be as radical of an idea as it is. Feminism is a very necessary movement that aims to empower both men and woman, regardless of society’s views to the contrary.
Feminism is typically classified into three waves. Early feminism focused on women’s suffrage during the late nineteenth century to the early twentieth century. They focused primarily on earning the right to vote, which was not available to white women until 1920. The second wave of feminism began in the 1960s-1980s. A sexual revolution of sorts began during that time, and feminists began to advocate for birth control to be readily available and have abortions become legal, which Roe v. Wade accomplished in 1973. They also focused on ending gender based discrimination, not only in the workplace but in society as well. The final wave of feminism began in the 1990s and is continuing today. Those taking part in this fight to unite the sexes and have society recognize that women are people too while aiming reclaim their bodies from government
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Women in first world countries don’t suffer nearly as much as those in more deprived areas, so critics say we shouldn’t be fighting for liberation here. The thought that ‘it could be worse’ and ‘be grateful x isn’t happing here’ is no way to invalidate an entire social movement. Feminism isn’t just centered in America, it’s a widespread phenomenon aimed at equality for everyone, not just white upper class women. Some of those against feminism only disagree with modern feminism, and have issues with the movement “Slut Walk” and campaigns like “Free the Nipple”. They still believe that the female body is inherently sexual and should be protected, not

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