Feminist Argumentative Essay

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As a young black woman from New York City I do not consider myself to be a feminist. Growing up what I believed feminist fought for has now changed. I though Feminist look pass social and moral gender roles and believe that men and woman should be treated equally. Based on this idea of feminism I obtained from writing 220 and though conversation with friends I no longer can believe that all feminist women take the time to look pass social and moral gender roles in order to create equality. If many feminist women cannot accept the idea of equality for all women-disregarding race, sexually orientation etc., and how then can they understand the idea of gender equality for all?
I do agree with some feminist ideas such as: equality for all,
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First they must fix the problem in our society. How can we fight for the rights of African women when we do not understand nor respect our Black women, the same is to be said about Latina, Asian, and all women. I do not agree with Coomaraswamy saying we should transform the Beijing Declaration (12). Who gave American feminist the right to charge in and change thing when the women’s community in America is still divided? Coomaraswamy traveled the world describing different cultures and their practices but I believe he should have first taken a look at the cultures in our society before we can help others. We run the risk of American feminist being considered bullies by those they are trying to help in other cultures. How can we help women oppressed in Mexico when we would not fight for the right of a Mexican American woman? Like the proverb says “before you can take the splitter out of your neighbor’s eye you must first remove the plank from yours”. Meaning Coomaraswamy has the right idea when suggesting that we should maximize cultural diversity (17), but I believe we should start with our own women, know their experiences, listen to them, and see them as equal to all

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