Argumentative Essay: Should Men And Women Be Equal?

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A major feminism advocate and a well, respected speaker within the community who goes by the name Leila Aboulela once stated that, “All through life there were distinctions - toilets for men, toilets for women; clothes for men, clothes for women - then, at the end, the graves are identical.” Aboulela is trying to say that, at the end of the day women and men should be equal in every sense of the word with no distinctions to obey. As defined in the dictionary, a woman is an adult human female. While a man is defined to be an adult human male. We are all born come into this world the same way, and will even leave this world in the same fashion. It is as simple as that, no characteristics included and restrictions to oblige by. So a person must …show more content…
For example, when women try to enter the STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) field there are so many restrictions that they encounter. Society views a STEM career as a “man’s” job and it therefore leads to unwanted circumstances. Women should have their equal rights when it comes to education, there shouldn’t be so many hurdles for them to overcome, and women need to step up their game it’s a dog eat dog world, and the STEM field should not be underrepresented for women and should be made more inviting for them.

Women trying to enter the STEM field encounter many speed bumps along the way. According to society, a woman is supposed to be nurturing, and helping and there through thick and thin. Apparently a women who enters the STEM field seeking a career, somehow becomes less nurturing and helping. Teri Maddox was an author who wrote daily for the Delta Gamma Kappa Bulletin wonders why hurdles that women encounter keep and stop them from pursuing their dreams. Teri Maddox in her writing, “Yes We Can! Adult Women Community College
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In the article it explains how, “Science organizations, researchers, educators, and government officials have begun to address the underrepresentation of women in STEM fields by implementing initiatives, such as single gender support programs (Hughes).” The programs being initiated have a sole purpose and goal to get more women involved in the STEM workplace. The programs research the hurdles women encounter and try to eliminate any issues that they will have trying to overcome the hurdle. The underrepresentation of women in the
STEM field has become such a big hassle that the president and the White House have taken notice and implemented some actions as well. “In December 2012, President Obama announced a new Cross-Agency Priority (CAP) goal to increase the number of students who receive undergraduate degrees in STEM by 1 million over the next decade. In order to meet this goal, the
CAP goal includes a focus on providing educational opportunities and support for women.”
President Obama realizes the importance it is to have a woman’s perspective in the STEM

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