Female Level Four Participant Studying Fashion Buying And Merchandising At A Metropolitan University

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A female level four participant studying fashion buying and merchandising at a metropolitan university in the United Kingdom was selected using purposive sampling. Purposive sampling was used to recruit a participant that suited the characteristics required to answer the research topic (Allison, 1996), which was: Exploring the impact of social adjustment during a first year 's transition to university. The participant was recruited by asking friends and relatives of the researcher whether they knew a first year who would like to participate in the present study. Design
The present study adopted a qualitative, semi-structured interview approach because of its supported use in literature to document an individual’s experience about a chosen topic (Willig, 2013). For instance, a qualitative report by Mudhovozi (2012) highlighted that the experiences of a first-year student is unique: where one student may thoroughly enjoy their experience, another may not. Therefore, the present study adopted a qualitative approach as it would allow an exploration of the participant’s subjective experiences, and would generate rich data that could be analysed (Newton, 2010). An advantage of semi-structured interviews is that researchers can respond immediately to information provided to them (Louise-Barriball & While, 1994). An interviewer’s ability to probe and evaluate the responses given by participants will better clarify a participant’s intended meaning and thus, produce more reliable…

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