Essay on Fast Food Vs. Mcdonald 's Restaurant Chains

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All fast food lovers know the struggle of where they should eat. “I am in the mood for some grub, but which sounds better, Wendy’s or McDonald’s?” Fast food has been around ever since the 1950s, and you cannot deny they have been a success. There are many different food types depending on the restaurant such as a burger place, Mexican food, and sometimes even Chinese. For the classic burger lovers, you may have had to make the decision between Wendy’s and McDonald’s at some point in your life. They both serve similar food options and are both extremely popular being within the top three fast food restaurant chains. Everyone has their own preference which is usually determined by their differences such as price, food quality, cleanliness, what makes them unique, and availability. With McDonald’s being the most popular fast food chain in the world, it must have some perks that make it stand out from other fast food places. A Play Place. All kids love to run around in jungle gyms, and that is what makes kids love it there. Not only do they love the Play Place, they love happy meals. Why do kids love happy meals? Toys. What five year old does not love a cool toy? McDonald’s also as some benefits that the adults love too. McDonald’s has many well known healthier options for people to choose. You may be thinking to yourself, “Do not all fast food places have healthier alternatives?” Although many places do, many people are unaware of them. McDonald’s makes sure all of their menu…

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