Fast Food Restaurants And Food Industry Essay

1363 Words Nov 13th, 2016 6 Pages
You are an addict, and you don’t even know it.

As you settle down to enjoy your favorite cereal, coffee drink, and maybe a piece of toast to top off your breakfast, consider the ingredients that meal contains. I mean in my mind most of the major food groups are checked off...right? You’ve got grains, dairy, the cereal looks like fruit, and coffee boosts your energy, so we’ll say that counts as protein. You have grown up in a society that blinds you from the reality of what you are eating, versus what you actually need to be putting your body. You are brainwashed to assume that fast food restaurants and food packaging companies have your best interests in mind, and are doing all they can to take care of you and your health when it comes to consuming their products. Fast food restaurants took away our option to “supersize” a meal, made drink sizes smaller, and are now using, “All Real Chicken.” ( In reality, whether or not a company uses real chicken is the least of nutritionists and health experts worries. Society is programed to crave sugar, because if you are addicted, there is a high demand and sugar is not hard to supply.

I remember sitting in my fifth grade classroom at Chapman Hill Elementary School, listening to a police officer tell us how to spot a bad situation where drugs or alcohol were present, how to say, “NO!” and walk away. But as I look back, drugs weren’t the only substance I needed to be aware about. In a study done by associate…

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