Essay On Sugar Consumption

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Sugar in any form is the most craved for food in the modern world. It seems totally impossible to live without it and it is the most delicious form of food as well. You can never be done with a bite of chocolate doughnuts or Christmas cookies or strawberry shortcake or chocolate fudge brownie. But did you know that by giving in to your sugar cravings you are ruining your health?

Sugar is addictive and I have experienced it myself. Even now when I control my sugar consumption I get carried away sometimes. It’s so addictive that even if you take a bite of it you will want another bite and your cravings would increase, your taste buds would ask for more and you end up eating the whole serving and in turn harm your internal health.

Sugar is carbohydrate
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This condition may lead to high blood pressure, imbalanced cholesterol, diabetes, obesity or excessive weight gain.

Number four: Sugar promotes heart disease.

Too much sugar consumption increases the uric acid levels in the body which increases the risk factor for heart and kidney. Since too much sugar encourages liver to dump too much bad fats into the blood stream the risk of heart disease increases because of the restricted blood flow in the body.

Number five: Sugar suppresses your immune system.

Sugar disables our body to fight against germs and diseases by reducing the efficiency of germ killing ability of white blood cells. Sugar also reduces the production of antibodies in our body and interferes with the transfer of Vitamin C in the blood stream. It also causes mineral imbalances thereby not allowing our body to fully develop the immune system.

However, good sugars are otherwise required by our body to function normally and regularly. If we have a sweet tooth and it’s difficult to resist the sweet temptation then we should make an effort to opt for the healthy sweet options like:

Fruits – apples, bananas, berries, and other seasonal fruits.

Chocolates – a piece of dark

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