Fast Food Industry Essay

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The fast-food industry has been developing rapidly and has successfully penetrated majority of the markets globally, at the same time bringing about several significant changes in practices, work and employment relations. Fast-food restaurants are distinguished and characterized by their inexpensive food products prepared in a standardized method that is dispensed to their customers quickly and efficiently for takeaway or dine-in and are usually packaged without the provision of utensils. However, the rapid expansion and proliferation of the industry was not a smooth transition, instead, it has brought about several controversies and criticisms. Such growth and success has brought disadvantages to workers’ rights, wages and
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In addition, the labour turnover – as compared to Singapore, is not high. This is because a large percentage of the labour in Germany is made up of ethnic minorities – foreign workers, economic migrants from the old Eastern Bloc and guest workers mostly from Turkey and Greece (Royle, 2002). The economic migrants and guest workers took up a large percentage – 50 percent to 90 percent of the workforce, unlike that of Singapore’s- where foreign workers are not allowed to work in the fast-food industry.

Employee representation in the fast-food industry

Employee representation varies between different countries and the state laws and regulations may be more pro-employees or pro-employers, which will be explored in paragraphs below. Employee representation comes in the form of trade unions, work councils, co-determination and collective bargaining. Trade/Work unions are …..

As the industry expands rapidly, it gives rise to an unhealthy employment environment where there’s no prospects for future growth or promotion in their career, poor wages and benefits, stressful environment and these usually takes place in a union-free environment (Royle & Towers, 2002). Companies are increasingly denying employees their rights and benefits and the situation is aggravated without the presence of trade unions or favorable employees regulations, as employees might be unable to voice out their concerns or request for their employment rights.

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