Essay about Fast Fashion On Fast Food Industry

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Slow Fashion
Fast fashion is a force that needs constant change from retailers; new garments and new trends cycle out as fast as a bi-weekly basis, putting pressure on the industry to sell fast and cheap to the consumer. However, with the news publishing more articles about the working conditions in factories, comparable to the Rana Plaza disaster in Bangladesh, and the run-off pollution these factories produce, the consumer is demanding more transparency in the supply chain. The introduction to slow fashion came from this demand of wanting a better understanding of the garments we wear, similar to the slow food movement that surfaced from the fast food industry. The slow food movement began in Italy in the 1980s as a reaction to the increasing fast food lifestyle. People desired to return to the community connection they had with food through cooking and eating in social settings (11B, pg 201). Slow fashion mimicked these values; Yukie Nakano, a design scholar, described slow apparel as “fashion that is not time based, but is about producing, designing and consuming better” (11B, pg 201). There are three main ways that the clothing life cycle concludes: recycle/reuse, incineration, or buried in a landfill (9B). The UK government organized a survey in 2012 to discover that 30% of the clothes people owned stayed dormant in closets and storage, showcasing that over-consumption, along with the overproduction, was commonplace (9B). For clothes that are not kept or given away,…

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