Farewell Speech Essay

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Classmates, teachers, families, and friends-
Hello. Tonight, we celebrate all of our accomplishments-- academic, athletic, artistic, and civic-- that we have achieved in the past four years. However, to properly appreciate all of our efforts, I feel it appropriate to reflect on some of the more interesting happenings of that same time interval. Therefore, this speech will summarize each of the past four years, each in a single word.
The first year of our high school career can be summed up in the word “bedlam”, which is defined by the Cambridge dictionary as “complete disorder and confusion”. During freshman year, we confronted a lot of confusing issues, asking ourselves, where is my next class? Who are all of these people? What clubs
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We were offered the possibility for AP classes, which have been a great cause of sleep deprivation, disappointing report cards, and aggressive scheduling for several students you see before you. We, being more than halfway through high school, started to realize the imminence of our postsecondary plans; which of course brought on even more stress about college visits, SATs, and so many decisions. As a result of all of these factors, I feel that junior year is best described by the word resignation- which is defined by Dictionary.com to be “an accepting, unresisting attitude.” Faced with hope and fear for life after high school, we began to realize that maybe Hale-Ray wasn’t so bad after all (I know, right?). It was junior year that we met the amazing substitute teacher Conner Scace, who took over Chemistry, AP Biology, and our hearts; and realized that some of our other teachers were far more interesting than we had previously realized. For me, this effect was most apparent for Señora Barnes, who is retiring this year. She taught my Spanish II class freshman year, in which I was a bit… taken aback… by her verve. When I had her again junior year, I realized her passion not only for the language, but also for her students, as she always wanted to make sure that we were really internalizing her lessons. We heard many stories about how to avoid getting pickpocketed in Europe, and about her transgender cat …show more content…
I think (and some of you will probably agree) that this year was mostly characterized by a concept known as nihilism. This is defined by Merriam-Webster to be “a viewpoint that traditional values and beliefs are unfounded and that existence is senseless and useless.” Our senior year was not marked by confusion, forgetfulness, or acceptance; we rather asked ourselves, why was this homework even assigned? If I fail this test, can I still pass this class? How many more days of school do I have to go to before I can graduate? Don’t get me wrong, senioritis is hardly a reflection on a teacher, a class, or even an assignment; but by the growing feeling that soon, we’re going to be able to go on to something even better- and until we get there, everything feels sort of

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