Family History : The Silent Battle Between Good And Evil Essay

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Family History
When tragedy strikes it does not hit you until you see it with your own eyes yet alone endure it in your own history. Each day mankind must live in the silent battle between good and evil. On December 14th of 2012 in Newton, Connecticut evil won. Twenty children were fatally shot all between the ages of six and seven years old, as well as six adult staff members at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Prior to the shooting Adam Lanza, the shooter, shot and killed his mother in their own home. One can ask themselves countless times, what kind of person would do such a thing but then you realize no matter what you will never find an answer. Grief arises when you realize how many lives were affected by this tragedy and how much sadness now rests in thought and history.
Tina Wooden, age 38, was a witness to the Sandy Hook trauma. While being a witness to this incident, her life changed immediately. She opened her eyes to what was going on around her and allowed her mind to ponder on the idea that you should never miss an opportunity to tell your child, “I Love You”. She learned that though you may never go back and change what has been said and done you can always learn the lesson to make things better by making a change in the world. Tina had a mission and intended on pursuing what she wanted in life no matter the costs. She insisted on showing her children that excuses will always be there for you, while opportunities won’t.
Tina was born and raised in the suburban…

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