The Causes And Effects Of The Columbine And The Shootings

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On the day of April 20th, 1999 a devastating disaster occurred. “Columbine is located in the southern end of the district, nestled just below the foothills of the Rocky Mountains”(Austin). This high school on the edge of the Rocky Mountains was put into a life threatening situation no other school would ever want to be in. Two boys, known as Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold proceeded to shoot their highschool dead. At the end of the day thirteen died; twelve students and one teacher. “twelve students and a teacher were dead”(Austin). After they committed such a gruesome crime, they turned the guns on themselves. “Two gunmen (fellow students) had shot and killed themselves”(Austin).
When Kristie first heard of what had happened her initial
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“The Columbine students and staff gathered together over the next few days for comfort, support, debriefings, and discussions about the facts and effects of the tragedy and plans for returning to school. Updates were given on injured students, funerals, memorial services, and available mental health and community services”(Austin). Kristie said “Slowly but surely small changes are being made such as airport metal detectors, SRO’s, and teachers really interacting with their students as well as looking out for them and what they’re going through”(Meyer). She believes that teachers are tracking students behavior, watching to see if they’re reclusive or not, watching if they’re not talking when normally they would be, thinking could this student be capable of doing an act so horrific due to their behavior or what they 're going through. She believes more teachers are trying to interact with students and not sweep them under the rug like those boys may have been. “Often staff members were so concerned about meeting the needs of the students that they neglected to realize their own …show more content…
It was hard for everyone because they were thinking about if this could happen to their children. She and others were about to put their children in school and were scared for their lives because they didn’t want another event like that to happen locally. “Some students were not able to return to Columbine, but chose home schooling as an option. Others did not go back to school in the spring, but returned the next fall. Still other students attended school part-time while spending the rest of the time at home with a homebound teacher. A handful of students transferred to another school “(Austin). As of even this event, shootings like this were very rare but as of today to happen locally parents are even more afraid then they were when they first put their children into school. The people around her were bothered, especially some teachers that she knew. They were extremely upset because before that there were hardly ever any issues with students lashing out like they did. Kristie said “My friends and family were extremely bothered by this because they were about to put their children into school and i was as well, it put all of us on the edges of our seats at all

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