Marital Histories: A Story Of My Father

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Marital Histories My father’s parents were never married. My grandmother had several children with several different men and my grandfather raised them as his own. My mother’s parents were only married the one time and they were married about fifty years. My parents have also only been married the one time, they do not agree with anyone getting divorced, no matter how far the couple grows apart. My sister has actually been married and divorced and is now engaged to a racist man that I have never met. I have also been divorced and am now remarried to a wonderful, caring man that I see me spending the rest of my life with, I am his first marriage and hopefully the only one he will ever have.
Economic Status My father’s parents did not have very much money and after his father passed away his mother had to ask her father for help with feeding her children. According to what my father told me years back, my great grandmother didn’t like her husband feeding my grandmothers children so he would sneak food to them. My father and mother both being from a small town named Parrott, grew up underprivileged just like most of the other people from
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My great grandfather and grandfather on my father’s side were both in the KKK and I was raised by my parents to not like any other race than white. I was always told by my father, if I was to ever bring a boy home that was not white he would take a belt to me. In my opinion, racism is a learned behavior, but it was something I never learned from them. Although I never brought anyone other than white boys home to meet my parents that did not mean they met all my boyfriends. To make my parents happy and not yelling or taking a belt to me, I had to listen to the racist things they would say. These rude comments that they would say when they saw a mixed race couple hurt me because I did not look at people and see only color and never

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