My Racism Experience

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1. What is your first recollection of race? Or encountering of racism? I went to private school my entire life and there were always very dominantly white. When I was younger we had a girl from Hati and she was probably the first person of color that I had ever meet. We learned of course in school about racism through slavery, and oppressions of rights. My grandparents are very racist and have said many times we are not aloud to bring home a man of color. That was probably my first encounter of racism

2. How would you describe the cultural environment in which you were raised racially homogeneous? Multiracial-multicultural? Something else? How did the racial environment differ between your home/community and school I was defiantly raise in a typical white home. None of my relatives are people of a separate race. I was raised in the country with horses and many other animals growing up. My mom tried to teach my not to be racist however i would see her judging people by their color which made me notice even more how much white people are racist. My school was basically the same I went to a christian school and a catholic school. There were maybe 1 or 2 african americans in my entire catholic school which was k-12. We also did have some transfer students from korea. We did have some incidents with racism and
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She had to adapt of course my speaking english and learning how our culture works. She is very shy to people who she doesnt know but once she's alone she get crazy and wild and i'm assuming she keeps that to herself to not be judge around people who don't know her. We also had a younger korean boy in our grade who the boys absolutely loved and immediately took under their wing so the interaction across races was a very good one for the most part. No one got singled out because of their race. There wasn't any interracial dating but there also wasn't a big pool of races to interact

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