False Concepts Surrounding The Online Learning Environment Essay

814 Words Dec 16th, 2014 4 Pages
There are many false concepts surrounding the online learning environment, so if someone tells you online learning is not equivalent to attending the average brick and mortar school, then they do not have experience learning in an online classroom. This was my experience before attending the virtual classroom through the University of Phoenix and earning my associates degree with a concentration in the criminal justice field entirely online. In my online experience, all of the required materials were provided in the virtual environment. For example, textbooks were supplied in pdf format, learning materials were supplied through University online learning activities, links to YouTube videos, and materials found in the online library. Consequently, online learning is not an easy task, but through perseverance, faith in oneself and the proper support one can accomplish anything. While attending the University of Phoenix, I completed two 9-week courses at a time in order to meet the financial aid standards of a full-time student, and to obtain my degree within a two-year period. The University selected my courses in accordance with available classes to meet my degree plan. Each class required at least two APA format essays per week, online test features, PowerPoint presentations, two required discussion questions, and six substantive messages in the classroom forum to my fellow students in order to meet participation and attendance requirements. Every point counts whether it is…

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