Falling In Love Kasie West Analysis

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Falling in Love, with Kasie West

The stories an author puts out for the world can be enchanting. These stories can take your mind on astonishing journeys of imagination, or even through the real world. They can take you on adventures spiritually, emotionally, or even mentally. Books can affect people in many different ways, and it is all thanks to the authors and their unique styles of writing. Take for instance Kasie West. After reading her books, you will leave wanting more. Her latest novel “Lucky in Love”, is about a girl who has a couple of financial issues, but then, surprise-surprise, she wins the lottery! Now she must determine whether to let her heart or her mind decide who to trust. This book takes you on a fabulous journey of trust,
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This is a structure found in books by Kasie West. There are twelve stages in the journey, first the status quo, then call to adventure, the assistance, departure, trials, approach, crisis, treasure, result, return, new life, resolution, and finally back to the status quo. As an example, in her book “The Fill-in Boyfriend”, the status quo, or beginning life of the “hero”, specifically the main character Gia Montgomery, is the popular girl who everybody wants to be. She has the perfect parents, the perfect friends, and the perfect boyfriend… or so she thought. In comes her call to adventure, on the night of her senior prom, her “perfect boyfriend” Bradley, dumps her. Now she has to think fast on her feet so Jules, her “frenemy” will not have a chance to crush her entire reputation. “Jules smirked”, “Is that the theme of your relationship? ‘The Importance of Gia’ ”,“She actually did air quotes”. (The Fill-in Boyfriend, 19) Which leads us to the assistance portion, Gia enlists the help of a complete stranger to play her fill-in boyfriend. Now it is simple, Gia just has to keep up a few little white lies in order to hide the truth, harmless right? Well, no. Now Gia has to go through the departure to find this handsome mysterious stranger who helped her. With that the journey continues, all the way back to the status quo, with the same perfect parents, new perfect friends, and a totally awesome perfect new …show more content…
For example, in her novel “On the Fence”, sixteen year old Charlotte Reynolds, also known as Charlie, feels a little lost, and kind of disconnected from her family since her mom died. Plus, she is the only girl in a family of three older brothers, and a single dad, who could blame her? Charlie may be able to outwit, outrun, and outscore every boy she knows, but when it comes to being a “girl”, she does not know the first thing about anything! So when she starts working at a chic boutique, to pay off a speeding ticket, she gets a little overwhelmed in a new world of makeup, dresses, and bedazzlers? In comes the backstory, Charlie thinks her mom died in a car accident, but what she does not know, WILL hurt her. Soon she finds out that her mom committed suicide, and Charlie almost went with her! All of a sudden, Charlie is faced with denial, guilt, and self-blame. “I needed my mom, more tears started to gag me” (On the Fence 241). Charlie is confused, she wants to know why she does not feel whole, why she feels so distant. Then she found out the truth, “Anger surged through me….. she was selfish,” “My whole life I thought she would’ve been my best friend……. I’m mad at her”(256). Charlie needed a way to deal with her emotions, and what she got was….. A friend, or maybe something

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